5.0 Beta Bugs

GetRight 5.0 Beta Bugs

Thanks to everyone who sent in reports and helped out during the beta period of GetRight 5.0. We are always working to make GetRight better. If you find any bugs in the release version send email to tell us about them!

GetRight 5.0 released

   The final version of GetRight 5.0 has been released. Get it here!
Last update March 12,2003

GetRight 5.0 Beta 6 Bugs

   Getting very good. I was really hoping this would bee the last beta...and it was!

GetRight 5.0 Beta 5 Bugs (fixed in Beta 6) and Improvements

   Been awhile since the last big change to the website design, so Peter redesigned website a bit. Looks pretty cool!
   On the Save As window, the thing I added to make sure the type was right if you've set to Hide the file types is messing up the canceling. A workaround for now: in Windows Explorer (or My Computer) pick the Tools, `then Folder Options menu. On the View tab, uncheck the item about "Hide file extenstion for known file types". That will avoid it until it's fixed right.
   Speed limit seems to be using more CPU for some people, working on it....
   Added so you can call the Server Synchronizer items from the Daily Downloads (to schedule them!) Uses format sync:(name) in the Daily Downloads, where (name) is the name you give the item in the Server Synchronizer!
   Added so QuickSync better remembers username/passwords for logging into sites.
   Added more checks and cleanup to try and fix possible resource leaks.
   Fix so changing speed limit will update the limit immediately if it's turned on.
   Improve so GetRight Browser gets login info from the config a little better.
   Using "smaller" download windows with WindowsXP the icons weren't centered right in the buttons.
   Fix a few more causes of crashes.
   Added to QuickSync so it can get and show the file sizes and dates too. And added Category so can file things on QuickSync and Server Synchronizer.
   Added some more checks for handling uppercase HTTP:// or FTP:// in URLs.
   Added Type column to the Download Status so can sort by file type (.XYZ)
   Improve so Exact ordering to Top and Bottom really do first and last.
   Added an interesting option to do "One Run" shortcuts for Programs you download. Lets you keep track of which ones still need to be installed (run) in a folder on your desktop, etc.

GetRight 5.0 Beta 4 Bugs (fixed in Beta 5) and Improvements

   The new QuickSync and ServerSync items need better checks and handling if your list is full.
   On the download window, the main K/Sec display was an average for the last few seconds, while the mirror/acceleration details was an exact value for the last second. Got a few too many questions from people wondering why they didn't add up made them both show the exact values when both showing.
   Doing subdirectories/pages on the GetRight Browser didn't have the "don't go forever" item set...
   Fixed something that might cause a few crashes.
   Acceleration and speed limits really look like they're a causing a few crashes...make them not work together again. And changed the speed limit slightly, is more likely to go a few tenths of a K over the limit; but hopefully much less likely to get in the situation that was causing some crashes.
   Added so the Save As window remembers its location.
   Improve some GetRight Browser cleanup things.
   Improve display of list sort direction arrows if you're using Windows XP.
   Fix GetRight Browser edit and tools menus that didn't have all the items.
   Fix for sites using CGI and if the folder-by-file-type, the folder wasn't getting recalculated after fixing the filename.
   Added so the full path for the file is shown in a tooltip on the Download Status (for the First column of the report; actually the icon...not sure why Windows only lets you control the tooltip for the First column!)
   Added some extra checks in the dial function to not dial if "GetRight Never Dial" is chosen. From the Daily Download, wasn't checking right.
   Added smarter checking for Escaping (converting to %##) for "%" characters. If the next 2 letters couldn't possibly be an escape code (like has a . or Z), it escapes the %.
   Fix some things (like Importing) messing up the display of the Priorities.
   Added some better detection and handling if GetRight's not getting any HTTP header back at all. And opens a web page with possible causes and solutions to try and help people fix it. Main cause right now seems to be WebWasher...
   Added an option on Monitoring config so you can have a very short (5 seconds) prompt in the browser asking if GetRight or the Browser should handle the download it detected.
   Wasn't refreshing Download Status right to remove items if you had deleted by Canceling (then say No to finish later) on the download window.
   Fixed possible crash, and give a much better message, if it looks like the disk just filled up (or a CD, etc was removed) in the middle of a download.
   Made "Recent Finished Files" menus be a bit smarter about how they're shortening paths to fit, chopping off parts of the path but keeping the filename as complete as it can.
   If Windows is set to "hide file extenstion for known types", added so the Save As window will make sure the name you enter ends with the right thing from the URL.
   Fix display of tray icon percent for the first couple seconds after resuming a download (was showing 0% when should have showed the last percent.)
   Automatic mode sometimes gets files stuck "waiting for reply". Pausing and Resuming fixes it. Added a check for the cause and make it pause and restart the connection itself.

GetRight 5.0 Beta 3 Bugs (fixed in Beta 4) and Improvements

   Oops. The new Logging option wasn't writing the setting correctly so you can't turn it on. It is in the make a "Download.txt" index file in every folder where GetRight downloads a file--has the name and any comment you entered for the download; or if not comments, the URL.
   Scrolling wasn't set, so the new drop-down list for entering comments wouldn't let you type in more than would show in the box.
   Really fix so Importing doesn't have -1 for all the "exact download order" values.
   Finally did get XP Themed drawing working right so that the buttons that contain an image (like those on the Download window) will look good with XP Themes turned on!
   Fixed the cause of browser crashing when trying to open a page for some people.
   Really fix so some sites like betanews work better.
   Fix some accelerator key things for the custom "countdown" message-box. Y = yes, etc.
   Improve some of the Browser things to try and handle scripting a little.
   Added on Monitor config so you can change the special keys to force GetRight to catch or ignore a click. Can be any combination of CTRL and ALT and SHIFT.
   Added a toolbar button option for buttons for chagning Exact Ordering (Up, Down, etc.)
   Fixed new statistics so showing total size left will not have problems if more than 4 GB left to do!
   Fix to not lose the .GetRight from the filename when getting a Content-Disposition to set the right filename.
   Added on "Downloaded a web page" prompt so you can View the page Source; and change so Cancel doesn't close the download window.
   Fix Synchronizers to not add an extra directory level from the root FTP directory.
   Added "Set File Date to Server Date" on the Saving config page.
   Added another check to not go over the per-server limit if a lot of things have been busy and it's retrying.
   From cool to cooler...rounded off the corners of the new Splash graphic--looks even better. Plus added the often-requested ability to turn off the splash. On the Starting & Stopping config...but you've got to be a Registered user to turn off the splash.
   Not sure if anybody else gets ZoneAlarm "lockup" things telling to reinstall ZoneAlarm (which go away after a reboot)--but I do sometimes. Fixed so GetRight recognizes it to give a better message and not do the redirect to the "" URL.
   I think some rare download crashes are speed limit related...added a few more checks to try and avoid them.
   Created a different icon just for the .GetRight files, I kinda like how it turned out!

GetRight 5.0 Beta 2 Bugs (fixed in Beta 3)

   Some versions of Windows seem to cause GetRight to crash when closing the the GetRight Browser using the X in the titlebar...but not using File->Exit. Wierd, still working on it.
   Fix to get the file name better from sites using scripts but that help GetRight by including a parameter for the correct file name--like using "&file=xxx.exe".
   The new QuickSync and ServerSync do better using passwords in beta 2, but don't set the passwords for the downloads you added.
   Improve the Search/Replace if changing a bunch of file names or URLs, if they're all in the same folder shows the old (and new) so can change easier. And fix replacing if the new text contains the old so it works right.
   Fix so if accelerating a download, and some are downloading OK, doesn't show the "waiting" messages in place of the URL if another is waiting for a busy server.
   Fix some refresh and focus things in the configuration.
   Added some nice simple login remembering (for Registered users.) If you get a file from a server with a login, it remembers that server/login combo and uses for any later downloads from the same server so it doesn't have to prompt again for something GetRight has just seen. (But does not save this between sessions for now, closing GetRight clears the memory.)
   Added a tooltip to the graphs to show the Max and Average KB/sec values.
   Fix importing if file exists, added "Skip" to Overwrite/resume/etc prompt; plus made the Cancel All work right.
   Sorting Download Status by progress percent was incorrect if there were Accelerated/Segmented downloads.
   Fix text on one page in the installer that was too narrow with some fonts.
   Fix on the download window, if picked "No Skin" when there was no skin selected, it messed up the Graph.
   Working to try and avoid any odd things with RICHTX32.OCX file and the Browser. If can't create it, just uses a regular textbox for the status logging.
   Added option to Close GetRight when the Internet connection closes if there are no downloads in progress or scheduled. (Not quite "closing when the web browser closes" that has been often requested, but I think it's better. The Internet might still be connected for a long time using chat/email/etc but not browsing.)
   If the FTP server sends a delay time in the busy message when trying to log in, added an option (on the Connections config) so it will use that delay to avoid bans from connecting quicker than they want. Parsing "Retry again in 2 minutes" sorts of things.
   Changed so on the Save As window, the Comment is a drop-down-list instead of a text field so you can choose from recent comments.

GetRight 5.0 Beta 1 Bugs (fixed in Beta 2)

   Crash at 0x004B-2F91. If you get this crash (or any others), try downloading beta 2!
   QuickSync new toolbar buttons didn't get a tooltip.
   "Acceleration and Mirror details" report on the download window needs to remember column resizing.
   Made the first field wider for entering the registration code (didn't fit right maybe just if large fonts?)
   QuickSync doesn't handle user:pass embedded in the URL right. And Server Sync didn't handle them right on the form either.
   "Acceleration and Mirror details" report on the download window doesn't refresh after using the Mirror Manager.
   Added so registration code shared between accounts if more than one user account on the computer.
   Enable Speed Limiting for accelerated downloads for testing...used to cause a few crashes with all the extra coordination. Hopefully all fixed now!
   Checking for new versions says "yes" when beta 1 still is the most current.
   Fix so splash gets closed as quick as it can.
   A few people were confused by the "no items" shown in empty lists, so removed it.
   Enter Code from the installer is now Always on Top (or can lose the window behind the installer.)
   Fix so if turn off all the items in the main tray-icon menu you don't get doubled separator lines.
   Added so holding SHIFT when picking items on the Recent Finished Downloads menus will open the folder for the file instead of running the file.
   Fix so if browsing to a directory that doesn't exist, the error message stays on top of the browser window so can't do other things in the background and get errors.

Other Notes

Because of the protection system used on the new version of GetRight, it can show in process status programs as having two processes running. This is a part of the protection system and is normal--it's only really running once.