GetRight's Awards

  • Shareware Insdustry Conference
  • Winner People's Choice Award, Best Internet Enhancement, 2006
  • Winner People's Choice Award, Best Internet Enhancement, 1999
  • Nominee Best Internet Enhancement, 2006
  • Nominee Best Internet Enhancement, 2005
  • Nominee Best Internet Enhancement, 2004
  • Nominee Best Internet Enhancement, 1999

Quotes from GetRight users

  • "The best...utility for downloading files from the Net I've seen." (Steve Bass in PC World Magazine)
  • "Not much of a contest here: GetRight wins hands down. It speeds up your downloads, lets you schedule them for when you're out of the office, and, if you get disconnected in middownload, GetRight picks up the process where it left off. Furthermore, unlike the other programs we examined, this download manager is trustworthy: GetRight doesn't plant spyware on your PC, so you won't have to worry that GetRight is selling records of your surfing habits to the highest bidder." (Barry Brenesal in C|net's comparison of top Download Managers)
  • "I wanted to tell you that GetRight is the best shareware program I have ever seen." (email from a GetRight user)
  • "Wow!! GetRight is just what I needed! I ALWAYS seem to be getting disconnected at the near end of some [big] file." (email from a GetRight user)
  • "Hey, Congrats on the GREAT App....Finally a REALLY useful addition for our web-surfing arsenal!" (email from a GetRight user)