Automatic Downloading with GetRight

Automatic Downloading One of GetRight's most powerful and convenient features is Automatic downloading.
This feature can be activated by clicking the Automatic downloading button on GetRight's download status window (pictured right).

With Automatic downloading you can download a long list of files a few at a time, starting new ones as the current downloads finish. You can also automatically re-try downloads if they are on busy servers until it is finally gotten.

Configuration options for Automatic downloading can be found in the "Downloads/Automatic mode" page of GetRight's configuration. Options that can be configured include:

  • How many files to download at once.
    This is useful so you don't overload your computer!
    If you have 100 (or 1000 or 5000) downloads on the list you can get them all with one click, but only download a few at a time.
  • How many simultaneous connections (TOTAL) to make.
    Similar to the above, but limits the number of connections to instead of individual downloads.
    Accelerated (Segmented) Downloading can use up to 10 connections per file.
    Opening too many connections can cause problems with older versions of Windows, and will not increase your cumulative download speed.
    In nearly all circumstances, 10 to 12 (often fewer) total connections will maximize your bandwidth.
  • How many simultaneous connections PER SERVER to make.
    Some servers limit the number of simultaneous connections each user can make. This setting can help keep you from getting denied access to a server from trying to open too many connections at once.
    This can be set separately for http and ftp servers
  • How many times to retry the list to pick up files from busy servers.
    If a server is busy and GetRight moves on to other downloads, it can now go back and try again once the rest oft he list has finished. This is really handy to make sure everything on the list is downloaded. You can also set a pause between retries. This can help give a busy server a chance to catch up (and make room for your connection) before trying again.
  • Whether to always use automatic downloading whenever a new download is added.
    If you like what you've just read about automatic downloading, you can use it for everything! If you like keeping GetRight's download list clean this setting will do the trick.