Updated Codes

GetRight® Get Updated Registration Code.

GetRight 5.0 and higher changed the registration codes. If you have purchased GetRight, you can enter the email address you used when buying (or the order number) to search and be sent the free updated code.

Your old code will continue to work for a short time (several weeks) to give time for you to get your new code. So you don't need to do this process to get your new code immediately, but you will need to do it soon.

If your email address has changed, you will be able to update where the code should be sent (but will need to enter the order number or the older email that was on the original GetRight order if you haven't already updated it). Your email address will be kept private. It will not be used for anything other than sending your registration code.

It is OK if you are not sure what email address you used and have to try guessing a few of your old ones (or then have to try a few passwords).

Go to the Code Lookup Page

Searching Tips

Search for the email address from your order, unless you have changed it here. Email changes you might have made to mailing lists, or for tech support will NOT be reflected in this database. If you have had many email addresses over the years, don't worry if it takes a few tries to find the correct one.
(To ensure the most consistent results for everyone, we have used everyone's initial order information here.)

You will be able to update your email after you find your record. If you purchased GetRight a few years ago with an email that is no longer valid, you will be able to update your record. However, you must first find your record using the old email.

Email or order number must match exactly. For security, you must match your email address or order number exactly as they appeared on your order.

A little note about software piracy...

The reason we have changed the registration code system is to try and cut down on the rampant piracy of GetRight. Many registration codes or key generators for the 'old' code are available on pirate web sites. Obviously, changing to the new code system will not stop piracy completely, but hopefully it will slow it down at least for a while.

If you have legitimately purchased GetRight, but are having trouble getting your updated code, please bear with us. We will do everything we can to make this upgrade process easy.

If you have not purchased GetRight, please do so. Buy it here to receive a legitimate code.