GetRight® Channels

GetRight 6.1 and higher supports subscribing to GetRight Channels.

You can choose to subscribe to channels about several different types of programs. When a new program is available for the channel, GetRight will show a notice with details, so you can choose whether to download the file or not. You will be notified about new files at most once a week for each channel.

GetRight ArcadeCast
Games! These will all be good, casual games that anyone can enjoy (such as Bejeweled and other puzzle or word games).
Bec, my wife and our official gamer, will select these games from the many games she plays. If you like these games, you should check out her Beat Bec Blog where she'll have more detailed reviews, along with her high scores...see if you can do better than she does!

GetRight ToolCast
We'll let you know about good, useful tools--but only ones we use ourselves. If it's not good enough for me to use on my computer, we wouldn't want to recommend it to you. It will be tools like NoteTab Pro...which is the program I'm using to create this web page!

Links for Other RSS/Podcast Programs

Any podcast program that supports non-music files will work--they will just download the files without the extra information and confirmation prompts. Or any program that supports RSS feeds would tell you if there were new items.
Plain RSS XML links for any other RSS/Podcast programs:

If you have the Google toolbar, you can add a button that will highlight whenever a new item is available.
Add ArcadeCast Button
Add ToolCast Button

Have a suggestion for a tool or game to recommend? Or have an idea for a whole new channel? Send Email!