6.0 Betas

GetRight 6.0 Has been released! (redirecting...)
June 7, 2006.
All the details about bugs/fixes/improvements are here.
This is a 4.0 MB installer for Windows (95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP)

Download it Here!
Or download it Here!

GetRight Pro 6.0 betas

Instead of just upgrading to the new GetRight 6.0 beta, you can try the new GetRight Pro 6.0 beta! It does everything in GetRight, plus a lot more. Like Uploading, Scripting, and more.
Comparison of features!

What's New in this beta

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What's New!
  • New GetRight Logo and Graphics.
  • Added a Language config page, to make it easy to download and use a translation (more languages will be available when the 6.0 release is done.)
  • Fixed a number for torrent bugs and issues. (GetRight & BitTorrent notes and info...worth reading.)
  • Fixed some resource leaks.
  • Fixed so click monitoring works for Windows Vista (beta 2 at least.)
  • Fixed some speed issues with HTTPS downloads.
  • And More.
  • GetRight