5.0 Betas

GetRight 5.1 Betas

GetRight 5.1 been has officially released! All the details about bugs/fixes/improvements in the betas is still below if you're interested. To get the new 5.1 release, just go here!

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Improvements and Bug Fixes in 5.1 betas

If you find any bugs in this beta version, please send email to tell us about them so we can fix them! (Bugs Found so far...)

Fixes & Improvements in Beta 3:
  • Added a new IE click monitoring method, in addition to the current way. Works fine with a few browsers based on IE that didn't work with other methods (AOL 9.0, Avant, etc.) And just works very well in general; gets called just when IE knows a file should be downloaded so GetRight doesn't have to kinda guess based on the type of the file--but does require IE 5.5 or higher. Redid the Monitor config pages to have better descriptions and split into 2 pages.
  • Better handling if the old GetRight folder is deleted after an upgrade (so the places it's set to store the .LST files isn't there).
  • Added "Make Unique" button to the "Overwrite/Resume" window when first saving a file. It will add -### to the filename to create a new unused name.
  • Using newer version of the protection system, so should fix the "Extraction Error" that some people got. And should fix a few rare crashes (seemed to only crash with multiple CPU or Hyperthreading systems.)
  • Improved "Log into web page" for some pages with multiple forms.
  • Added "Send URL as Referer" on Protocols config page.
  • Fixed to handle extra /'s in mistyped URLs. http:///
  • Fixed a bug that could let the GetRight Browser give an error when there wasn't a problem.
  • Fixed a bug in the Server Synchronizer that didn't let things get added right.
  • Fixed a pretty rare one, some FTP server didn't support PASV; if so try PORT.

    Fixes & Improvements in Beta 2:
  • Add Sequence lists weren't cleared when choosing "Clear All History Lists"
  • Resizing windows not right with skins, things offset a little bit. And when setting back to No Skin, didn't reset right so then resizing caused odd results. Also, if smaller window, going back to No Skin didn't reset the buttons right (so were using the full size with text and didn't fit.)
  • The "Don't Ask Again" checkbox on the "GetRight has downloaded a web page" window wasn't working right.
  • If using Small download windows, wasn't using the right smaller icon for the "file is done Run/View" button. Worked fine, just didn't look right.
  • Added option for Log Files to log when something is Deleted.
  • Improvements to QuickSync/ServerSync. Don't go up levels.
  • If it downloads a web page, improved processing looking for redirects to a real file.
  • changed how the "File Not Found" window is shown to try and avoid a few crashes some people get.
  • Changed some protection settings to avoid some crashes, especially on computers with more than one CPU.

    Changes since 5.02:
    The Big Improvement:
  • Secure Server transfers....HTTPS! This is a registered-only feature, and the main big change in 5.1.

  • Added so the download windows are resizeable. Makes the report much easier to see everything at once.
  • Fixed something that could cause "stuck at 99%" problems for some FTP servers.
  • Added "File Types" to the folders on the download you can more easily have things like .MP3 automatically filed.
  • Change some options for the Server Synchronizer to give more control: sizes separate from dates, overwrite/resume separate, option to put everything into the same folder, etc.
  • Improved the "Log Into Website" functions to better handle websites with several forms on one page (like a login and a search form). Should now pick out the one real Login form.
  • Fix/change some things that seemed to cause rare crashes for a few people.
  • And other things I forgot to list here...

    Minor changes:
  • Fixed so if you select a category on some screens (like the Advanced Download in the browser) it fills in the folder for that catetory in the Save To area.
  • Added a few more columns on the Download Status. "Save To" folder where the file is being saved, and "Last-Modified" the date/time the file was last updated on the server.
  • Fixed bug with really long file path+names in the "Recent Finished Files" menu not running right.
  • Added so in the Click Monitoring, you can set the "Ignore" key combination to be no keys pressed--that way GetRight will be set to ignore everything in the browser unless the keys are pressed for "Catch" to specifically tell it you want to download a file.
  • Fixed so the Verify URLs functions should get User/Pass from the Login (FTP & Basic) page right.
  • Added some Right click menus on the Mirror Manager window.

    And as always, there are a few other things I've forgotten to list here...
  • Bugs Found So far

  • Shutdown computer doesn't work for just Windows98(se?). All other versions seem to work fine...not sure why. Update, actually may not be a GetRight problem at all! Microsoft Knowledge Base Article. Microsoft Win98se Shutdown Supplement Download Page.
  • Improved some things with the Web Page Login forms.
  • New click monitoring method wasn't turning something on at the right time, so would take a restart of GetRight to turn it on; fixed.
  • https://...

    HTTPS downloading in GetRight is a registered-only feature. You must have paid for GetRight in order to use it.

    A note about resuming downloads: None of the https sites I used when testing supported resuming. You may have better luck, but it looks like most https downloads aren't going to resume!

    Some credits, see more in the CREDITS.TXT in the GetRight folder:
    This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit. ( Copyright (c) 1998-2003 The OpenSSL Project. All rights reserved.
    (So GetRight does everything that OpenSSL does...SSL, TLS, etc!)

    Did take awhile for https support. There really don't seem to be many sites with https downloads, especially now that just about all the "free disk space" sites that used it a lot are long out of business.