XP Help

GetRight and:
* Windows XP Help and Support Center
* Office XP Clip Organizer
* Internet Explorer 6 with SP1
* Windows XP Service Pack 2
* ???

UPDATE: This click monitoring method is now included as the default method in GetRight 5.2 and higher. So unless you're using an earlier version of GetRight, you don't need this separate file anymore!

With GetRight installed, some Microsoft programs can do some odd things. The Windows XP Help and Support program search options will not find any items. The Office XP Clip Organizer will not show items right. And possibly some others. It has been reported to Microsoft, but more people reporting might get them to check it out and fix it from their end quicker.


There is a simple workaround to fix this. There is an different Click Monitoring file you should download and install: download here (154K installer, updated April 25, 2002..)

In the installer, on the 2nd page, you should check the box about turning off the default IE click monitoring. After installing this update, the Microsoft programs should work (might need to reboot first.)
Note: The checkbox in the GetRight Monitor configuration for Internet Explorer will be turned off and should be left off. This alternate Internet Explorer monitoring will use the Netscape checkbox to tell if it should monitor clicks or not.

Fix for 'Blank Page after Click'

There seem to be a few people getting a blank screen in the browser after GetRight takes over the download.

In Internet Explorer, go to the Tools menu, then pick the Internet Options menu, then switch to the Advanced tab.
Under the Browsing item, make sure the "Enable third-party browser extensions (requires restart)" item is Checked.